Business Consulting

We are in a very difficult economic situation, with negative growth, in a major crisis, because of lack of liquidity, banks lacking in confidence with companies, etc.

The fierce competition between companies makes it difficult to achieve work in decent conditions to, at least, cover the overheads of the company for the minimum benefit.

In the Catalan business world there are a lot of small and medium sized enterprises that, in the current market conditions, need to optimize costs to the maximum, but at the same time they need to have within their set up qualified personnel in order to position themselves the best possible way to cope with the current difficulties.

This is the premise under which GiroStaff - Business Consulting works. We offer to small and medium enterprises as many services as possible at a competitive price, as well as the availability of highly qualified external personnel without having them on the staff or at exclusive dedication.

We offer a full service to the company in any field:

  • Advice / Integrated Business Management
  • Management Services / Accounting / Financial
  • Work / Taxation
  • Productivity Improvement / cost reduction
  • Organisation of Departments
  • Feasibility analysis and launch projects
  • Strategy / Positioning / Innovation
  • Training / ISO Implementation
  • Projects / Legalization
  • Engineering Services
  • Prevention of Labor Risks
  • Energy Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Training
  • Data Protection

Our Services

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