Risk Prevention

A good management of the Occupational Health and Safety adds value to the company, ensuring the protection of workers' health.

We assist companies in managing effectively the Occupational Risk Prevention, according to the peculiarities of each workplace and the specific activity they carry out, fulfilling the legal obligations of the employer to ensure the safety of their workers and adopt regulations concerning labour protection.

The professionals in the Department of Occupational Health and Safety at GiroStaff are Technicians and Graduates on Higher Risk Prevention in various specialties. We have the resources to provide the highest quality service, appropriate to the size and needs of your company.

We offer the following services amongst others:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Planning of corrective measures
  • Self-Protection Manual
  • Planning of preventive activities
  • Basic Training Plans
  • Investigation of accidents
  • Emergency Plans
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation
  • Making Safety Plans
  • Health and Safety Coordination
  • Carrying out administrative procedures (communications, presentation of documentation, procedures, etc.)


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