Sectorial Solutions

GiroStaff offers 'tailored' industry solutions for small and medium enterprises, with the possibility to negotiate a fixed price for a specific set of services. It aims particularly at:

  • Construction Companies
  • Installation Companies
  • Carpenters / locksmiths
  • Industrial Sector
  • Corporate Services
  • Self-employed or Micro SMEs

We have specialists in each sector, with wide experience and solutions for each situation.

On the field of the 'fitted solutions' GiroStaff is characterized by the design, development and implementation of specific solutions to improve the management and productivity of the customer’s business with innovative technologies that add value to your business.

In the development of 'tailored' solutions, GiroStaff, has a high level of efficiency, quality, low risk and a high level of satisfaction from the end-user.

Our services are based on consolidating solutions tailored to your needs and at the same time accessible to the size and structure of your organization.


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