Energy management

GiroStaff Energy is a new model of Integral Energy Consulting.

Our team is formed by multidisciplinary professionals, from the world of Energy in its various aspects (Audits, Energy Management and Efficiency, Gas, Electricity, Renewable Energies, etc.)

Our Energy Advisory Service offers you the possibility to maximize the energy efficiency of your company or home, and thus establish energy savings and more efficient consumption.

Among our services we highlight:

Energy audits Energy Certifications Implementation of Energy Management Systems
Optimization of electricity and gas contracts Study and Energy Monitoring Process Automation
Renewable energy LED Lighting Grants Management

We analyze your energy contracts to ensure that your contract is the best option for your company, and that you get the best price based on your consumption. We are directed to:

  • Large customers
  • Business associations
  • Administration
  • Communities of Owners
  • Individuals

Energy audits

We carry out a complete X-ray of the energy performance of your company at all levels and establish an Energy Saving Measurement Plan.

Energy Certifications

We manage the Energy Certificates of both buildings and homes, new or existing. We help you improve your energy label based on technical proposals

Implementation of Energy Management Systems

To maintain their competitiveness, companies have to manage energy efficiently. We will implement an energy management system that allows you to maintain competitiveness with the lowest possible energy expenditure

Optimization of electricity and gas contracts

It is a step after the Energy Study. In a first step, using computer tools, we optimize as much as possible the parameters to be contracted, that is, Power and Rate Type. Afterwards, we made the price comparison between the different market marketers, in order to obtain the best contractual conditions for the client.

Study and Energy Monitoring

We monitor your consumption and analyze the main energy ratios of your company in order to assess all the optimization possibilities.

Process automation

We install both the software and the monitoring equipment necessary to control, in real time, the energy consumption of your installation. We try to achieve maximum energy efficiency by automating processes.

Renewable energy

Renewable Energies are obtained from natural sources. Among them are Wind, Geothermal, Solar, Biomass, etc. We can help you install generation systems for self-consumption, contemplated by the current legislation that, with the appropriate devices and controls, can provide you with savings and autonomy.

LED lighting

LED technology is the technology of the present and the future. It allows savings of more than 70% as well as regulation and customization of environments. The heat emitted decreases significantly, producing greater comfort and savings in cooling. Its long operating life (50,000 hours) minimizes maintenance costs by replacement.

Grants Management

We inform you of the help coming from the Administrations, and we process the documentation to obtain the subsidies.


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