Data Protection

In GiroStaff we continue helping many companies to take action in protecting their data and comply with safety legislation.

We help create the future for our clients

The Data Protection Act (DPA) 15/1999 of 13 December develops a series of obligations applicable to all companies that have personal data files.

These obligations relate to the implementation of various measures to ensure the protection of such data, and that affects computer systems, file storage support staff, operating procedures, etc.

Any data of employees, partners, customers, potential customers, job applicants, etc., is considered personal data.

A series of penalties are established for non-compliance with these obligations. These penalties are classified as minor, serious and very serious, depending on the infraction and can range from 900,00 € (minor offenses) to 601.012,10 € (very serious offenses).

Our Services are:

  • To study the processed data from your company and determine the level of security
  • Registration of files in the Data Protection Agency
  • Adaptation of documentation based on the activities that are carried out
  • Report on the implementation of security measures
  • Preparing the Security Document
  • Support and maintenance
  • Hardware and software Technical Review
  • Mandatory Statutory audit of implemented security measures
  • Training the staff responsible of the files, with the implementation and enforcement of the DPA
  • Legal Defence


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