Your employees are your greatest asset to compete successfully in the business world and, therefore, their preparation is vital to maintain and increase the efficiency of your business.

The new model of Continuous Professional Training allows an up to date and professional development of your employees, in order to provide them with the most suitable knowledge, attitudes and techniques for a proper and effective work development.

All businesses have an Annual Credit Training, which results from applying to the amount deposited by the company as professional training during the previous year, the percentage bonus based on the average staff last year. The smaller the size of the companies the higher the percentage is applied.

The bonus credit is generated according to the salary and number of employees listed in the General Regime of Social Security. If this credit is not used for taking courses, it is lost, it is not cumulative.

GiroStaff wants you to take advantage of this credit and thus can offer:

  • The Latest Information of the Continuous Professional Training Credit
  • Generate the necessary documentation for the training bonuses
  • Attainment of courses (Risk Prevention, Accounting, Information Technology, Quality Management, Office, Administrative Management in SMEs,         Business Administration, AutoCad, etc..
  • Issuance of certificates of attendance to the course


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